Welcome to Impressions… 

Hi and welcome to Impressions.  We invite you to scroll through the information here and see for yourself why folks in the Denver area have trusted our family with the floors in their homes and businesses for nearly three decades.

Starting as a floor care and carpet cleaning business, we have grown over the years through acquisitions and a merger, into a company that now offers new flooring sales as well as installation, repair, and cleaning services.  We are still a small, family owned business, sought out by discerning consumers who are looking for an alternative to the big retail and multi-national corporations where the client is just a 'revenue source' or 'target market'… We’re here. We’re local. And you can talk to the owner anytime. (well, almost anytime:-)

A company’s true mission and values become evident over the years and are best expressed by its REPUTATION. Ours is impeccable.  And, after working for nearly 30 years to build a phenomenal reputation we would never do anything to compromise it. Just do a search on the name of any flooring company you're considering purchasing from, followed by the word “complaints". And see what comes up… This will be very informative as to a company’s real values and reputation. At Impressions, we will always choose to preserve reputation - over profit - every time.

We hire the kind of people we would want to have in our own home. The technician doing the work in your home is background checked, drug tested and is certified by nationally recognized, industry-specific training programs. They must pass both classroom and hands-on testing.  And they have to renew their certifications every year.  We believe in EDUCATION for our people.  And we also work to educate our clients. Through education and consultation, we protect our clients from untrained, uninformed and often unscrupulous flooring dealers. We have SYSTEMS in place that help us provide the most phenomenal sales and service experience ever. We GUARANTEE our labor and offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on installation, restretching, and repair services. We want our clients to know that their trust in Impressions is not misplaced, their investment is secure, and their flooring is protected.

(note: Don't purchase your new carpet or flooring without first reading our FREE, "Consumer's Guide to Floor Covering", by Jim Armstrong, contributing Editor for Floor Covering News, the industry's largest trade magazine - call us for your free copy now… 303-274-5100)

A New Way to Purchase Carpet and Flooring…

Recent FLOORING INDUSTRY RESEARCH shows what many consumers (unfortunately) already know. Research shows "consumers are NOT SATISFIED with the existing flooring store shopping experience"  Again, a quick search on any flooring retailer's "name" followed by the word "complaints" makes this fact quite clear… However, at Impressions our clients are happy - and we'll prove that to you.   We have a new and better way for consumers to purchase floor covering that keeps our clients happy.

Our clients are happy because:

  1. We bring the samples to you - in your home - where your new flooring will be installed. We actually eliminate the "existing flooring store shopping experience". You select your new floor from the comfort of your own home, in your own lighting, with you own décor and colors.
  2. You get to meet your installer - before you buy your new flooring. WHY is that important? Well the #1 consumer complaint to the manufacturers - every year - is not even about the flooring… it's about the installation. Most consumers take the installation for granted and never even know the name of their installer….  With Impressions, you get the opportunity meet and discuss your installation with the person responsible for it.  Ask the person responsible, "Where will the seams be?"" What rooms will you do first?"" What do we need to move?" "What about our __________?" Installing carpet or hardwood flooring is NOT the same as "installing" a refrigerator or stove… You have a right to at least meet the person responsible.
  3. Then you can RELAX - and ENJOY your new carpet or hardwood floor, knowing your investment is protected by a LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY, combined with FREE CLEANING and DISCOUNTED CLEANING, for as long as you own your new flooring…

If it sounds simple, that's because it is…  And we save you money too. No other flooring dealer offers more value. We keep our costs low by:

  1. NOT having expensive showrooms.
  2. NOT having large warehouses.
  3. NOT having salespeople.

And we protect our clients from uneducated, untrained and often unscrupulous floor dealers by offering our clients:

  1. A long term, mutually beneficial Relationship.
  2. A "1st Choice" Installation, that's Guaranteed.
  3. A Lifetime Installation Warranty
  4. FREE CLEANING, and DISCOUNTED CLEANING-for the life of your new floor.

 You see, most floor dealers are like car dealers. They know that once they "sell" you, they'll never see you again!   We're different. We have a new and better way for consumers to purchase floor covering.  Our clients are happy and they stay happy. We like to say that we're changing an industry - one floor at a time. Please join us, because "No One Protects Your Flooring Investment like Impressions".

If you would like to join us… Please Call Us Today for your FREE In-Home Consultation or to get your FREE "Consumer's Guide to Floor Covering".

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