Let Us Help Preserve the Richness and Beauty of Your Natural Stone Ceramic Tile and Keep your Grout Lines Like New...

Ceramic Tile and Grout

We have the equipment, products and knowledge to care for your tile and grout and keep it looking it's best. Most tile is glazed at high temperatures, making it non-porous and therefore very stain resistant. This means that Cleaning is usually all that is necessary with ???????????????????????????????ceramic tile. However the grout that holds the tiles in place is usually very porous and so it must be Sealed as well cleaned, to prevent staining. We provide both services. Cleaning and Sealing should be done at least annually if not more frequently.

Natural Stone:

Marble, Limestone, Travertine, or Granite, Slate and Sandstone, whatever type of stone you have, must be cleaned and sealed. This is because unlike ceramic tile, natural stone is porous and can be stained. Sealing the stone also helps prevent or reduce a natural process called efflorescence. This is when natural minerals slowly seep out of the stone in places, leaving (usually) white spots and rings on the surface of the stone.
Efflorescence can be exacerbated by moisture and is virtually impossible to remove once it shows. Sealing the stone (and grout) helps reduce this. We use exclusively, products by Stonetech Pro, the leader in stone care.

A Note About Cleaning:

Mopping is not an adequate method of cleaning tile, stone and grout. this is because, when you mop, you cannot pickup all the water. Some of the water gets into the cracks and crevices. It then dries, leaving the dirt behind. This continues to build everytime you mop, dulling the stone and making the grout darker and darker. And the longer the dirt stays there, permanent staining becomes more likely. Proper cleaning requires high pressure equipment with a powerful vacuum that removes more water, and flushes the dirt out. Annual cleanings using the proper equipment will keep your stone and tile looking like new.

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